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Prefix Essentials

Additional Prefix Functionality

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Adds new, essential prefix related features

Forum List - Prefix filter menus

  • On the forum list, there are menu items to view all threads with each prefix. These are limited to the prefix groups you enable (by editing the prefix group in the admin panel).
  • Clicking a prefix opens a page showing all threads with that prefix
    • Respects per-forum visibility.
    • Respects user prefix ignoring.
  • This can be toggled on or off with an option in the admin panel.
Forum View - Prefix filter
  • At the top of the thread list, it shows the prefixes used by threads. Clicking each prefix applies the filter to only show threads with that prefix.
    • Shows prefix counts.
    • Respects thread visibility.
    • Respects user prefix ignoring.
  • Makes it more convenient to filter the threads by prefix (still available via the “Filters” menu)
  • This can be toggled on or off with an option in the admin panel.
Last Post Info - Thread prefix
  • Display the prefix of the thread with the latest post for each node.
  • This can be toggled on or off with an option in the admin panel.
New posts page prefix filter
  • Filter by prefix. Adds a prefix filter to the New Posts page.
Ignore Prefixes
  • In the account -> preferences page users will be able to select prefixes to ignore.
  • Affects: Thread list, new threads widget and new post widget.
  • Does not affect already watched threads
Admin Options

See the options attached image.

Changes from the XF1 version
  • Filter added to “New Posts” list which is the functional replacement of “Watched Threads” for viewing watched but unread threads.
  • Removed font awesome feature flag. XF2 includes it out of the box.
  • Add “Show Prefix group above the thread list for filtering” admin panel option.
Terms And Conditions
  • Each license is valid for use on one Xenforo installation on one domain.
  • 12 months support renewals are in place; when your support runs up you can continue to use the add on but will not be able to receive updates until you renew it.

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