Clarification about the sale of M2N addons

Stuart Wright

Staff member
For business reasons, we are restricting the sale of our addons.
These reasons are
  • we don't have time to provide personal installation or operation support
  • the revenue from the sale of the addons is not sufficient to pay for staff to provide this personal support
  • we are restricting the sale of our addons to forums which are not in direct competition with
All our addons are actively in use at and will be maintained for that purpose indefinitely going forward.
We will be releasing updates as and when they are needed. E.g. for compatibility with future releases of Xenforo (2.2) and for improved features, optimisation and bug fixing purposes.
We will not be giving personal support for the addons. I.e. in that respect, they are unsupported. But from a development perspective, they will continue to be supported.

Anyone wishing to purchase a license or renewal must contact me for permissions to purchase. Once I have verified that your forum is not in competition with AVForums, I will grant your M2N forum account the needed permissions.