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Discussion in 'Forum' started by Robert9, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Robert9

    Robert9 New Member

    Probably i can handle it, but you may want to add a new option to dont show the prefixes at forum_list.
    When the forum is finished i will have 1000 prefixes. The can be shown by nodes (maybe 10-20 i hope), but not at the forum home.

    Also it would be nice to set a max for all or per node.

    I will change that for my needs, but maybe others would like to have this?

    Is there anything like this for the RM also, please?
  2. Robert9

    Robert9 New Member

    Because we anyway work only with integers, the link maybe could be shorter to have prefix=1|2|3 instead of prefix_array[0]=1& ...

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